• Huawei FusionSolar Smart PV Solution

  • Charlatte | Hydraulic Vessels

    For over 50 years, CHARLATTE has been the world leader in hydropneumatic vessels.  This technique has today bercome a generic term : " A CHARLATTE " , the major part of the manufacture is comprised of pressure vessels with and without bladder for drinkinng water, raw water, waste water and ...
  • JCB Spare Parts

    Our genuine JCB parts are designed to work in perfect harmony with your machine for optimum performance and productivity. We want to ensure that these parts are readily available and only a click or phonecall away. We can deliver around 95% of all parts anywhere in the kingdom within 24 hours. Our ...
  • SOOSAN Hydraulic Breakers

    The SB System Is The World's Best Known Breaker Type  SOOSAN Hydraulic Breakers is a leading Korean manufacturer of hydraulic breakers, crushers, multi-processors, pulverizers, grabs and hydraulic rock drilling equipment. No matter what project you have, we have the product that suits ...
  • Rough Terrain Forklifts

    Designed For Productivity Reliable, versatile and an easy-to-use solution, JCB rough terrain fork lifts (RTFLs) are perfect for virtually any rehandling environment from docks to yards, special events, timber forestry, construction sites and builders’ merchants. Our RTFLs are designed for ...
  • JCB Mini Excavators

    Get Multiple Machine out of One Comfort, controllability, reliability, serviceability and performance; JCB’s mini digger range has all these five key features. Our mini excavators excel in providing precision control, unrivalled service access and an exceptional operator environment. This ...
  • JCB Backhoe Loaders

    Most Fuel Efficient Loaders On Earth JCB backhoes are the most popular throughout the Middle-East and the rest of the world. Almost half of all backhoes in the world are from JCB. After all, the concept of a backhoe loader was developed by JCB, way back in 1953, and we’ve led the ...
  • JCB Skid Steer Loader

    High On Productivity, Lowest On Maintenance The JCB range of skid steer loaders are ideal machines for all sorts of applications across the Middle-East. The skid steer is a superbly versatile machine that combines the telescopic lifting capability and all-round visibility of a telehandler with the ...
  • JCB Wheel Loaders

    It's Give You Power And Productivity Geared to meet all the needs of our customers, JCB’s Wheel Loader archetypes uncanny strength and abilities. The performance oriented JCB wheel loader is all about tremendous manoeuvrability and a raft of efficiency benefits. As a result, each loading ...
  • JCB Telescopic Handlers

    Global Expertise World-Class Solutions  Since 1977, JCB has been pioneering the telehandler concept. For all these years, we’ve remained the world’s first choice, and JCB’s telehandler range has come to epitomise the very highest levels of performance and productivity.Our ...
  • JCB Compaction Equipment

    Soil Compaction Machinery The JCB range of soil compaction machinery is a full package. These machines have rapid blow rammers, forward vibratory plates, reversible plates, trench rollers, double drums, tandem rollers, single drum road rollers or tow-type devices, and almost everything you require. JCB ...
  • JCB Tracked Excavators

    Heavy Duty Excavators  When it comes to designing excavators, JCB believes in built-in excellence. We approach our tracked excavators in typical JCB style – by striving for maximum performance, strength, comfort, efficiency and productivity.JCB has been producing hydraulic excavators ...
  • Flygt Jet Aerators

    Highly Efficient Diffused Aeration Systems Mechanical aeration systemsfrom Flygt provide an affordable alternative to our highly efficient diffused aeration systems. Convenient lift-in, lift-out solutions,submersible Flygt jet aerators provide reliable, low-costoxygen transfer for small to ...
  • Godwin Pumps

    GODWIN DRI-Prime and HEIDRA Pumps THE BENCHMARK FOR RELIABILITY When there’s fluid to move and downtime isnot an option you want pumps you can trust. Whether it’s a question of water, wastewater,or industrial fluids, Godwin pumps haveearned a world-wide reputation for reliability. Feature:- Automatic ...
  • Sanitaire Series Diffusers

    For Energy-Efficient Biological Treatment  Stricter environmental regulations and rising energy costs are forcing wastewater treatment plants to ensure wastewater discharge compliance and at the same time make operations more energy efficient. One of the main areas for environmental and cost ...
  • Flygt Experior

    It’s All About Reliability, Reliability. And Reliability. Flygt Experior is built on the fact that the most efficient pumping is only achieved when premium efficiency motors are combined with superior hydraulics and cutting-edge intelligent controls. It is this combination that gives unbeatable ...
  • Centrifugal Pumps

    Extensive Performance For Avariety Of Applications This series of pumps covers an extensive performance range and can be used in a variety of applications:- from pumping sewage in treatment plants and municipal applications, handling industrial effluent,process water and raw water, to applications ...
  • Slurry Pumps

    Cost-Effective For High-Wear Applications  Essential Part Of Day-To-Day Operations Slurry removal is an essential part of day-to-day operations in a wide range of industries, such as mining, ore dressing, sand contracting, ash handling and steel milling. The applications in these industries ...
  • Flygt Mixers

    Solutions For Perfect Mixing Results Flygt mixers are used in a wide range of mixing duties such as solids suspension, liquid blending and destratification. Submersible mixers have a compact design, which together with Flygt’s installation methods makes them easy to install both in new and ...
  • Flygt Bibo

    Submersible Pump For Dewatering Tough pumps for dewatering Flygt Bibo, the original submersible pump, is designedspecially for tough operating conditions. The pumpsare ideal for applications in which the water or liquidcontains high amounts of clay, stone chips, drillingfines etc., or to pump ...
  • Paralleling Switchgear

    Automatic Transfer Switches, They protect your power. And your business.
  • Decision-Maker Paralleling System

    Decision_Maker Paralleling System Total integration. From top to bottom. When it comes to paralleling systems, Kohler offers 100% integration. Our Decision-Maker Paralleling System (DPS) is designed, engineered and factory-tested as a complete system, unlike other paralleling products built from ...
  • KOHLER Genuine Parts

    KOHLER Genuine Parts  The best way to protect your power.   Behind every KOHLER® generator, there’s a world of support. Thousands of distributors, sales and service locations, and parts distribution centers comprise our global network. And we back them all with instant ...
  • Enclosures

    Reduce the racket. And put Mother Nature in her place.
  • Alternators

    KOHLER Fast Response Alternators
  • Automatic Transfer Switches

    Automatic Transfer Switches, They protect your power. And your business.
  • Sub-Base Fuel Tanks

    Sub-Base Fuel Tanks Made to match your environmental needs.
  • Decision-Maker Controls

    Technology so advanced, it’s easy.
  • Kohler Mobile Generators

    Kohler Mobile Generators, Take your power to go [30kw-500kw]
  • GAS Generators

    Custom Made GAS Generators To Meet Your Needs [40kw-1300kw] Forget all that one-size-fits-all nonsense. KOHLER® gas generators are tailored and targeted to your specific job requirements. Unlike most generator models, every KOHLER generator is designed to work precisely for standby, prime ...
  • KD Series Generators

    KD Generators Built With An Eye On The Future From [10kw-4000kw]
  • Kohler Diesel Generators

    Built For The Most Critical Jobs On Earth From [10kw-4000kw]
  • JCB Saudi Arabia Inauguration

    JCB’s Saudi Arabia dealer aiming to make the company’s machines the biggest sellers in Saudi Arabia
  • JCB Exclusive Construction Machinery Distributor in Saudi Arabia.

    Abunayyan Trading Corporation signs Agreement with JCB as Exclusive Construction Machinery Distributor in Saudi Arabia.
  • Health, Safety & Environment

    HSE Policy We at Abunayyan Trading Corp are dedicated to the employee health, safety, environment protection and regulatory compliance through continuous improvement and teamwork HSE culture We promote safe and healthy working environment for our employees. At the same time, we practice high health, ...
  • Certifications & Awards

    Abunayyan has been appreciated in several of our projects and has received various accolades and appreciation which shows the highest level of commitment from our management and employees towards Quality & HSE compliance and good working practices. Abunayyan Trading Corp believes in highest ...
  • Quality Management

    Quality Assurance The Quality Management Systems and Processes at A.Abunayyan Trading Corp. comply with the requirement of ISO 9001:2008 standards. Quality assurance systems ensure quality of products and services from understanding customer requirement to designing, Procurement, Manufacturing, ...
  • 2016

    Abunayyan Trading signs agreement with JCB to become its exclusive distributor of construction machinery in Saudi Arabia.
  • Toshiba

  • Diehl

  • Legrand

  • Soosan

  • Lighting & Wiring Devices

    Innovative range of Lighting, wiring devices and accessories catering for different needs
  • IT & Data Center

    Provide for enclosures, power distribution, climate control, IT infrastructure and software management services
  • Industrial & Electrical Distribution

    We make energy safer and more useful through our ability to transmit, distribute and convert electricity.
  • Electric

    As the global specialist in energy management and automation, we create connected technologies that reshape industries, transform cities, and enrich lives to ensure that Life Is On everywhere, for everyone and at every moment.
  • Employee Developments - We Will Never Stop Learning

    A One-Day Session Exploring Requirements Currently Applicable To New Refference of High Power Generators : KD SERIES"
  • KPS Technical Seminar for ARAMCO Experienced Engineers

    KD SERIES is the newest line of generators powered with our advanced KOHLER diesel engines. The generator sets unprecedented power density make this new line ideal for needs which are constantly more demanding. With a wide range of powers (800-4200 kVA / 800-4000 kWe), they are ideal for every industrial ...
  • Cellpack

  • Hubbell

  • Lumi Lity

  • Phoenix Contact

  • Rittal

  • ABB



  • JCB

  • Bravi

  • Flexi

  • Cyber

  • Soosung

  • Lafortiza

  • MHI

  • Kohler

  • APC



  • Asteknik Valve

  • Flygt Pump


  • Leopold

  • Lowara Pump

  • Waterman

  • Wedico

  • Sanitaire

  • Godwin Pump

  • Charlatte

  • Mono PUMP

  • Bimax

  • Quality Policy

    We at A. Abunayyan Trading committed to achieve Customer Satisfaction through adherence of Quality Management System and Continual improvement activities. This will be achieved by our total commitment to:Deliver Quality, Cost effective & Time bound products & Services to our customers.Provide ...
  • Multiple warehouse solutions for Al Jouf Cement Company

    Client :Al Jouf cement company Al Jouf cement is a public company that operate a modern factories that were established in the west northern of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, they have standardization and Quality Control for a production capacity of 5000 tons per day Solution : Abunayyan Trading’s ...
  • Complete warehouse solution for SABIC Shareq Jubail

    Client :SABIC, Shareq Jubail DC Saudi Basic Industries Corporation is known worldwide as petrochemical manufacturer company, owned by Saudi Government, SABIC requested a complete solution for their Shareq Distribution Center warehouse in Jubail. The warehouse has high mix of items in capacity and ...
  • Controlling and monitoring the Jeddah water network and establish a central SCADA system

    CLIENT: NATIONAL WATER CO., Jeddah Unit THE SOLUTION : Known for its expertise in the provision of automation services for water and wastewater, Abunayyan Trading's Systems Solutions division supplied and developed software and processes required to establish a central SCADA system at the client's ...
  • Pumping Stations & Lifting Stations

    ATC has products for the toughest applications in wastewater, storm water, to lightly contaminated water and clean water applications. The broad product range and application experience ensure the right solution meeting your specific needs.Our experience and expertise is second to none among manufacturers. ...
  • Power Plants

    Most operations in power Plants require the reliable flow of process water.From coal-fired plants to nuclear power plants, operators rely on durable pumps, valves and equipment to supply, move, treat, analyze and control the flow of water.We provide a wide range of products and accessories for the ...
  • Complete Self-Supported warehouse for Saudi Import Company

    Client :Saudi Import company, Riyadh DC Saudi Import Company, Banajah, are the partner of choice for the manufacturing and distribution of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment across the MENA region Solution : Abunayyan Trading’s Logistics Division was selected to design, supply and install ...
  • SWCC-Shuqaiq Phase 2 Water Transmission System

    End User :SWCC(Saline Water Conversion Corporation) Purpose : SWCC planned Shuqaiq 2 WTS project to meet the water demand of public and industrial users between Shauqaiq to Abha city. This involved 8 pump stations, 50 reservoirs and 912 KM long pipe line to transport 503,500 M3/day water from Shuqaiq ...
  • Emergency and long-term solutions against natural disasters, especially flooding in Dammam City

    Client: Municipality of Eastern Region || In 2015, Abunayyan Trading was awarded a substantial work order for project management services that include a Supply and engineering services contract for a citywide storm water, flood-control, and wastewater infrastructure improvement program in Dammam, ...
  • Treating Rainwater At Khulais Dam To Increase The Availability Of Water In The Western Region

    The Ministry of Water and Electricity sought to build a water treatment plant at Khulais dam, making use of rainwater in the Western Region by treating it to make it suitable for drinking purposes.
  • Complete warehouse solution for Al Muhaidib Technical Supplies

    CLIENT: AL MUHAIDIB GROUP SOLUTION: Abunayyan Trading’s Logistics Division was selected to design, build and equip a warehouse for Al Muhaidib, a diversified conglomerate whose activities cover several industries including food and energy.The innovative solution entailed developing the first ...
  • Complete warehouse solution for WAFRA

    CLIENT : FOOD PRODUCTS CO. (WAFRA) SOLUTION : Abunayyan Trading’s Logistics Division was selected to design a warehouse for WAFRA. Multiple solutions were offered and WAFRA had selected the drive-in solution, which optimally utilized the space by distributing pallets in eight blocks of 11,500 ...
  • Dewatering Applications

    Pumps Applications are engineered for professional use in all sorts of tough dewatering applications. These include construction and tunneling sites, mines and quarries, industrial facilities, municipal plants, marinas, and oil and gas sites.Products: Flygt Pumps Godwin Pumps Bimex Valves ...
  • Supplying Diesel Generators to the Riyadh Water Development Project

    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia’s administrative and economic center, has in the past suffered from a lack of water especially during summer months.
  • Desalination Plants

    Xylem products and systems for the desalination market include:
  • Water, Wastewater and Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plants

    We develop and deliver customized systems to help industrial plants and municipalities meet their Water &  wastewater management goals. We work directly with our customers to provide beginning-to-end treatment methods, from needs assessment and treatment strategy to equipment design, installation ...
  • Designing BANAJA Warehouse

    CLIENT : SAUDI IMPORT CO (BANAJA HOLDINGS) SOLUTION : Abunayyan Trading’s Logistics division was selected to design a warehouse for Banaja, a manufacturer and distributor of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment across the Middle East. The design included an administration building with cold ...
  • Complete drive-in racking solution for Almarai

    CLIENT : ALMARAI SOLUTION : Abunayyan Trading’s Logistics Division was selected to design and implement this drive in racking solution for Almarai.The project consisted of seven dry and cold store blocks divided into five levels, 75 meters in length and around 8 meter in depth with a height ...
  • Supply 20 hydraulic breakers with immediate delivery for installation on the excavators for a water project in Riyadh.

    CLIENT : SAUDI PAN KINGDOM CO SOLUTION : Abunayyan Trading’s HM& Spare Part division approached the client at the sales and management level to propose a new supplier for the work, which was less well established than its existing supplier but more competitive in terms of price and ...
  • SOOSAN HEAVY INDUSTRIES Outstanding Dealer of the Year 2015

    Among nearly 30 business partners of SOOSAN HEAVY INDUSTRIES worldwide, only one can emerge as the Global Dealer.
  • Abunayyan Trading achieving ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification

    It is with great pride and satisfaction that Abunayyan Trading Corp. announces ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification for HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) management systems.
  • Technical Workshop on HYDRUS Smart Water Meters & AMR Systems For GDOW-Riyadh

    The General Directorate of Water in Riyadh wager on Abuanyyan Trading Water Metering Technology ( HYDRUS )
  • KPS Technical Seminar for SEC Experienced Technicians

    Knowledge Transfer & Training for SEC Experienced Technicians
  • Warehousing & Inventory Optimization Forum 2015

    Pathway To Profitability Through Optimization In Challenging Times
  • Recruitment Day Workshop

    We Aim To Attract & Retain Talented Saudi Nationals.
  • Abunayyan Trading Being The Fastest Growing Kohler Power Systems Distributor Globally

    A Great Achievement In Our First Year Of Partnership With Kohler
  • Abunayyan Trading Corporation Signs Agreement With Tonick Watering Ltd, As Exclusive Decoders & Sensors For Irrigation & Water Treatment Distributor In Saudi Arabia

    By virtue of the agreement, ATC becomes the exclusive distributor with Tonick Watering Ltd,.
  • Kohler Power Systems Introduces Best-in-Class Specifying and Sizing Software

    Kohler Power Solutions Offers Beneficial Exclusive Features; Unmatched Ease-of-Use
  • WePower “ Water, Electricity & Power Generation Forum “

    ATC has been cordially invited to participate, as an exhibitor, in the WePower -Water, Electricity & Power Generation Forum
  • Technical Seminars – Qassim & Tabuk regions

    A 2-Days Session Exploring Requirements Currently Applicable To Emergency Generators, Both Diesel And Gas
  • Abunayyan Trading Launches New Features Prominently At Construction Machinery Show

    Abunayyan Trading Launched New Features Prominently at the Construction Machinery Show; We were enthusiastic about sharing with our customers our innovative portfolio
  • Saudi Air Defense

  • SWPF - Saudi Water & Power Forum

    ATC has been cordially invited to participate, as an exhibitor, in the SWPF - Saudi Water & Power Forum.
  • STM-11 - SABIC Technical Meeting “Commitment to Reliability & Sustainability”

    ATC has been cordially invited to participate, as an exhibitor, in the SABIC Technical Meeting.
  • SWID-Energy Conservation Forum & Exhibition by Saudi Aramco

    ATC has been cordially invited to participate, as an exhibitor, in the Aramco Energy Conservation Forum & Exhibition.
  • KPS - Knowledge Transfer & Training

    As the largest organization in the Middle East for engages in trading, manufacturing, servicing, and investing in water, oil, gas, and power markets in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, We take our role of developing sales skills and knowledge very seriously. That’s why each year we update our training ...
  • 2007

    ATC has Now 12 branches, which combine offices and showrooms and are supported by fully equipped and semi-equipped service centers in Saudi Arabia.
  • Riyadh Municipality


  • Modon

  • MOW

  • NWC

  • 1999

    ATC is awarded the Al-Faisaliah Center project for supply and installation of Chilled water pumps, High Pressure & Low Pressure Booster Sets, Submersible Sewage, Drainage Pumps and Variable speed drives.
  • 1995

    ATC establishes Spare Parts division
  • Jeddah Municipality

  • Marafiq

  • Eastern Province Water Transmission Project

    Client :SWCC(Saline Water Conversion Corporation) Purpose : To meet the fast growing demand of public and industrial users, SWCC planned this project to be located parallel to sea shore between the cities of Jubal, Dammam & AL Khobar to transfer 500,000M3/day of treated water from Marafik Desalination ...
  • Shoaiba 3 Water Transmission Project

    Client :SWCC(Saline Water Conversion Corporation) Purpose : In order to meet the growing demand of water for 5 important cities in the western region of Saudi Arabia, SWCC planned Shoaiba 3 WTS project which involved 5 pump stations , 3 reservoirs and 213 miles long pipe line to transport water ...

    Client :Saline Water Conversion Corporation The main problems faced by SWCC: The existing system is obsolete where spare parts are no more available and proper maintenance became challenging which put the operation sustainability of SWCC in high risk. The stability of control system became low ...
  • Flood and Storm Recovery in Jeddah

    Client :Aramco Purpose : Emergency and long-term solutions against natural disasters, especially flooding in Jeddah area. In May 2011, Abunayyan Trading was awarded a substantial work order for project management services that include a Supply And engineering services contract for a citywide storm ...
  • West Makkah Wastewater Treatment Plant

    Client :National Water Company / Jeddah Purpose : Construction of wastewater treatment plant. Our Solution : A.Abunayyan Trading Corporation, participated in this challenging project by the supply of all Xylem Flygt submersible pumps and submersible mixers.
  • Development of King Abdullah & King Abdulaziz Road

    Client :Riyadh Development Authority Purpose : Underpasses storm water pumping stations. Our Solution : A.Abunayyan Trading Corporation, participated in this challenging project by the supply of more than 50 Xylem Flygt submersible pumps.

    Client:NATIONAL WATER COMPANY / RIYADH CITY BUSINESS UNIT The main problems faced by the NWC/ RCBU at their stations: Obsolete PLC & SCADA Many sections in the plant don’t have PLC/SCADA PLC & SCADA from various vendors, inconsistency Difficult to maintain the system High training cost ...
  • Supply and install Water meters & AMR system at Dammam & Khobar

    Client :General Directorate of Water – Dammam GDOW has picked ATC due to its unique solution offered that meets GDOW business needs. ATC team done required engineering and further tailored the solution to provide integrated capabilities as per the following: Solution features: Supply high ...
  • Supply and install Water meters & AMR system at Qateef & Sehat cites

    Client :Ministry of water & Electricity / GDOW – Dammam GDOW has picked ATC due to its unique solution offered that meets GDOW business needs. ATC team done required engineering and further tailored the solution to provide integrated capabilities as per the following: The main problems ...
  • 2001

    ATC is awarded the Al Laith Shrimp Farm project for design, supply and installation of a 20 MW power plant and the sea water intake system.
  • 2003

    ATC awarded Riyadh Water Transmission Systems Project “Jubail-Riyadh Pipe Line A, B, C“ for Full control & Monitoring pumping Stations & Line Valve.
  • 2000

    ATC is awarded the Arafat Fire Fighting pumping station Project for supply and installation of Horizontal Split Case Pump & PLC controlled VSD MCC, generators and switch gear.
  • SA

  • Royal-Commission-for-Jubail-&-Yanbu

  • National-Guard

  • Nadec

  • MOH

  • MOA

  • SWCC

  • Saudi-Gargo


  • Nada

  • MODA

  • Maaden

  • KFMC

  • Civil-Defense

  • Boarder-Gard

  • Aramco

  • Al-Safi

  • Almarai

  • Alinmaa

  • Technology solutions

    Technology increases efficiency, enhances accuracy, and reduces the cost of skilled labor. Selecting and implementing the right technology solutions is critical, because they form the cornerstones of any supply chain operation and ensure a company’s assets are optimally managed and utilized. ...
  • Storage system design, supply and commissioning

    Selecting the optimal storage solution is critical for efficiency, accuracy, and cost effectiveness. Storage concepts take into account factors such as throughput, inventory holding, seasonality, order fulfillment times, capital costs and labor savings, in order to devise handling techniques that ...
  • Warehouse automation design, supply and commissioning

    Automated warehouses are optimized, intelligent, and interconnected facilities designed to maximise the efficiency of a company’s operations.Automated systems have developed far beyond storage and retrieval and are now expected to be able to handle extremely complex operations. Today, systems ...
  • Material Handling Equipment (MHE) solutions

    Selecting the optimal material handling equipment for your storage / retrieval operations is essential for overall operation optimization. It ensures efficiency, speed, and accuracy for the movement, storage, control, protection and disposal of materials, goods and products. The right MHE can increase ...
  • Warehouse Design and Project Management Services

    Designing the perfect warehouse or operational facility is an art. No two facilities are alike, as the designer must understand how best to configure the available space to maximize the building’s performance. Our logistics center design offerings are based on the full adoption of inside-out ...
  • Strategic Distribution Network Design

    Faced with cost pressures, market volatility, higher service requirements, and an increasing focus on sustainability, organizations are recognizing the importance of a robust, efficient and agile supply chain design for the overall success of their business. Strategic network design evaluates ...
  • Operation & Maintenance

    With ATC I&C aggregated projects execution capabilities along with systems engineering know how, we are able to offer risk free Operation & Maintenance of your assets. Even for sites with minimum documentation, we are able to manage effectively the required O&M to a satisfactory level.
  • Training

    ATC I&C offers different levels of  training services be it local or at site for wide range of automation solutions. In-house training systems and detailed training manuals are provided as per training needs.
  • Energy Management

    Energy management includes planning and operation of energy-related production and consumption units. Objectives are resource conservation, climate protection and cost savings, while the users have permanent access to the energy they need. ATC I&C together with its globally reputed technology ...
  • Machinery Health Monitoring

    Asset monitoring guarantee reliable asset operation and minimized risk. ATC I&C together with its technology partners provide solutions for eliminating assets unplanned shutdown, plan maintenance schedules, reduce inventory cost & reduce preventive maintenance. 
  • Building Management Systems

    ATC I&C offer BMS capabilities which integrates and maintains your facility to guarantee safe, secure, comfortable, productive and energy efficient  environment . Our in-house experience along with capable partners, we are able to  provide turn key solution covering HVAC control, lighting ...
  • District Cooling

    ATC I&C team works with partners to provide centralized control of cooling plants and processes. Real time process data access, friendly operation & improved efficiency are key deliverables. 
  • Water, Oil & Gas pipelines Automation

    ATC I&C has long experience in offering automation solutions for green field and brown field pipelines installations. We work with reputed PLCs & SCADA vendors in providing hassle free upgradation where risk is minimized and return in investment is guaranteed. Our experience extends to cover ...
  • Warehouse Equipment

    We help you to select the right equipment to meet your needs and to work seamlessly with your storage and MHE systems. Our offerings include: Packaging and shrink-wrapping. Wrapping, sealing and other packaging solutions. Industrial doors, manual and automatic. In a variety of solutions including ...
  • Consultancy Services

    A result of the massive in-house expertise in automation solutions , ATC I&C offers consultancy services in systems design & solutions integrations. Covered systems expertise in PLCs, RTUs,instrumentation, communication & SCADA along with application operations , are the key strengths ...
  • Telemetry Solutions

    Telemetry is important in water management, including water quality and stream gauging functions. Major applications include AMR (automatic meter reading), groundwater monitoring, leak detection in distribution pipelines and equipment surveillance. Having data available in almost real time allows ...
  • Metering

    We provide turnkey solutions for metering applications in commercial, residential, & industrial fields which includes the following:Automatic Meter Reading (AMR),Electronic Water Meters,BTU meters and flow meters. Products: Automatic Meter Reading (AMR),Electronic Water Meters BTU meters ...
  • Irrigations Automation

    ATC first presence 60 years ago was linked with agriculture where irrigation played a critical stage in such industry. ATC I&C provides solutions for automating the full irrigation process through reputed PLCs, RTUs & SCADA systems. Further, we have the expertise for integrating third party ...
  • Critical Controls & Safety Applications

    ATC I&C together with its partners provides control solutions for turbo machinery where risk free operation is guaranteed. The solutions cover shutdown systems, turbine/compressors control & boilers/burners management systems.
  • Water & Waste Water networks Automation

    Water resources management has become a heavyweight responsibility on the shoulders of water resources directorates due to water scarcity and increased demand. ATC I&C has in-house experience in managing water resources through integrated automation solutions ranging from instrumentation, PLCs, ...
  • Design and construction of a central control and monitoring room in Makkah.

    National Water Co. sought a dedicated control room with large projection screens for control and monitoring of water supply to tanks in Makkah and the Mashair area.
  • Discharging wastewater from Al Jubail City

    As the city expands, its wastewater facilities have struggled to keep up with the rapid population growth.
  • Integrated Utilities Monitoring System Project

    The client sought to monitor all utilities inside university, using the PI OSIsoft enterprise infrastructure system for managing data in real time, and SAP software including complete reporting facilities.
  • Maintenace and repair operations

  • Spare parts & heavy machinery

  • Water & Waste water

  • Power

  • 2014

    Abunayyan Trading signs agreement with Kohler to become its exclusive distributor of Power Systems in Saudi Arabia. Abunayyan Trading successfully launches Toray Membrane Middle East LLC (TMME), a joint venture with Toray.
  • 2010

    ATC awarded Shuqaiq Phase 2 Water Transmission System Project for supply 3191 Line and Pump Station valves Class 150&900 Top / Split body Ball valves deferent diameter starting from 2” up to 80”.
  • 2008

    ATC awarded Shoaiba 3 Water Transmission Project for supply 513 Line and Pump Station valves Class 150&900 Top / Split body Ball valves. Deferent diameter starting from 2” up to 96”.
  • 2005

    ATC establishes MRO division.
  • 2002

    ATC is awarded the Kingdom Tower project for supply and installation of Pumps for cold water booster sets, Potable water booster sets & 32 submersible sewage pumps, landscape and hardscape.
  • 2009

    Abunayyan Trading signs agreement with Diehl Metering -Hydrometer to become its exclusive distributor of metering solution in Saudi Arabia. ATC awarded Eastern Province Water Transmission Project for supply 943 Line and Pump Station valves Class 150&900 Top / Split body Ball valves, deferent ...
  • 2004

    ATC is awarded the Watania Farms Project - Al Jouf Region. For Supply deep well submersible pumps, and a Motorola SCADA system.
  • 1952

    ATC becomes Exclusive Distributor for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries agricultural engines.
  • 1998

    ATC establishes Logistics division.
  • 1990

    ATC establishes WWW division.ATC establishes Power Systems division. ATC establishes Agriculture division.
  • 1950

    Abunayyan Trading Corporation is established.
  • Logistics Solutions

    We provide optimized and innovative solutions and services for storage and materials handling, including warehouse management systems.
  • Maintenace, Repair & Operations

    We’ve developed our Maintenance, Repair & Operations (MRO) unit to provide our customers with cost-effective solutions for optimizing their operations and maintenance requirements.

    Our goal is to assist with the strategic planning of critical spare parts and preventive maintenance procedures, ...

  • Logistics

  • Power systems

    We develop high standard power generation systems using state-of-the-art technologies.
  • Water & Waste water

    We provide a comprehensive variety of solutions, backed by engineering and design expertise, which are widely recognized for their quality and reliability in water and wastewater applications.
  • Heavy Machinery & Parts

    From an initial focus on parts for industrial engines, our business has grown to cover a wide range of heavy machinery parts.
  • Quality Assurance

    The Quality Management systems and Processes at A.Abunayyan Trading Corp. comply with the requirement of ISO 9001:2008 standards. Quality assurance systems ensures quality of products and services from understanding customer requirement to designing, Procurement , Manufacturing, Testing and till ...
  • Delivering Value

    As one of the longest-active companies in the water and power business, Abunayyan Trading has the experience and expertise to be a reliable partner for all stakeholders including our customers, business partners, employees and shareholders. We partner with the most respected international companies ...
  • Abunayyan Trading Corporation signs Agreement with Kohler as Exclusive Power Systems Distributor in Saudi Arabia

    By virtue of the agreement, ATC becomes the exclusive distributor for Kohler Power Systems in Saudi Arabia.