Design & Construction of A Central
Control & Monitoring Room


This was followed by a second phase to implement a SCADA system linking various sites in Makkah and Mashair to the main control room.

National Water Co. sought a dedicated control room with large projection screens for control and monitoring of water supply to tanks in Makkah and the Mashair area.

This was particularly important during Hajj, when millions of Muslims visit to Makkah to participate in the annual pilgrimage. National Water Co. wanted to assure continuous supply of water to all areas and be alerted of any shortage so they could immediately investigate.


Abunayyan Trading’s Systems Solutions division was commissioned to construct a central control and monitoring room in the Makkah pumping station for full control of several Makkah and Mashair sites included a main central control room, meeting and crisis rooms with video conferencing, a data center, and a Hajj call center.

In addition, we supplied, programmed, installed and tested various remote terminal units across the area; linked the main control room at Mashair to the new central control and monitoring room at Makkah by configuring SCADA servers at both sites and developing HMI screens to start exchanging data; and linked the new control room to the existing central SCADA system at National Water Co.’s headquarters.

We are specialists in implementing SCADA systems. We previously implemented the largest such system for National Water Co., linking Riyadh, Jeddah and Makkah, and we support the company in linking all their water and wastewater facilities in those cities. This solution offered a convenient way to monitor and control water distribution and investigate any shortage or leakage, enabling National Water Co and the Saudi government to provide the best service possible to its visitors from all over the world.

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