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A One-Day Session Exploring Requirements Currently Applicable To New Refference of High Power Generators : KD SERIES"

The development of our employees is incredibly important to Abunayyan Trading. We offer the opportunity to develop professionally through a variety of programs, It also used to encourage employees to gain new skills, competencies, and/or knowledge. This can be achieved through a variety of activities, including coaching, exposure to new Tasks or projects, taking on higher duties, self-learning, on-the-job training, internal or external training courses, and conferences. 

A one-Day Session Exploring Requirements Currently Applicable To KD SERIES From Kohler Power Systems. 

“KD SERIES” is the newest line of generators powered with our advanced KOHLER diesel engines. The generator sets unprecedented power density to make this new line ideal for needs which are constantly more demanding. With a wide range of powers (800-4200 kVA / 800-4000 kWe), they are ideal for every industrial power segment use and benefit from the KOHLER worldwide quality of service.

Also illustrating generator selection and applications that are designed to help in understanding the types, operation, maintenance and testing of on-site power generator systems.

The Workshop covered the following points:-

Specific requirements and recommendations for installation, operation and maintenance of generatorsWhere to find critical information on professional sourcesWhat backup systems and emergency plans is best suited for different facilityHow to read and understand drawings and technical information for generatorsHow and when to successfully test generatorsHow to work with parallel energy sourcesSynchronizing procedures and load sharingHow to troubleshoot using a logical and a systematic approach to isolate and repair generator problems

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