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KPS - Knowledge Transfer & Training

Published on Feb 02, 2015

As the largest organization in the Middle East for engages in trading, manufacturing, servicing, and investing in water, oil, gas, and power markets in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, We take our role of developing sales skills and knowledge very seriously. That’s why each year we update our training courses in line with the latest marketing trends, developed around our research into what our workforce's need.

KPS - Knowledge Transfer & Training

A 2-Days session exploring requirements currently applicable to Kohler  generators, both diesel and gas, also illustrating generator selection and applications that is designed to help in understanding the types, operation, maintenance and testing of on-site power generator systems.

The Training covered the following points:-

1- Specific requirements and recommendations for installation, operation and maintenance of generators
2- What backup systems and emergency plans is best suited for different facility
3- Where to find critical information from professional sources
4- How to ask better questions to bring more value to the customer.
5- How to develop the customer relationship continually.
6- How to read and respond to customers' body language, voice and words.
7- How to persuade customers with a structured approach and using psychology.
8- How to dissolve objections effectively.
9- How to close the sale when a deal is possible.


1- Ziad Al-Jamal - Business Line Manager
2-  VIRGO Homer - Regional Sales Manager - Industrial

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