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KOHLER Fast Response Alternators

KOHLER Fast Response Alternators

All the bells and whistles. No extra charge.

More than 90 years ago, Kohler unleashed its first alternator—and have been raising the bar ever since. Today KHOLER manufacture Fast-Response Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG) alternators—a breakthrough in speed technology. Built to perform, these revolutionary alternators offer fast response to load changes.
On some other gensets, PMG alternators come as a costly upgrade. Not so with Kohler. All of our 35- to 300-kW units are factory-equipped with our Fast-Response PMG alternators. Which means you get all the bells and whistles with no expensive up charge.


Trusted Reliability

Greaseless bearing and Class H insulation provide extra thermal protection for lasting reliability.

Ultimate Performance

High-power density design makes Kohler an industry leader in motor-starting capability.

Tested and Approved

Our alternators meet NEMA MG 1, IEEE and ANSI standards for temperature rise and motor-starting capability.

Clean Power

Experience the rewards of clean power with precise voltage, current and frequency control.

Durable Short-Circuit Ratings

The very definition of performance. Our alternators sustain short-circuit currents up to 300% of the rated current—for up to 10 seconds
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