Power systems

We develop high standard power generation systems using state-of-the-art technologies.



Reduce the racket. And put Mother Nature in her place.

KOHLER Enclosures 

If you want to keep the weather out and the noise in, there’s really only one way to go. KOHLER® enclosures are bolstered by industrial steel or heavy-duty aluminum and acoustic insulation to protect your investment and keep the noise down. In addition, we coat every unit with Power Armor(a textured industrial finish) for heavy-duty durability in harsh conditions. UL 2200-listed and IBC-certified packages are available 


Custom Options 

Multiple weather/sound enclosure options are available on 10- to 3250-kW generators. 

Quiet Performance 

Our enclosures offer acoustic insulation to meet your quiet applications. 

Certified Packages 

Enclosures are UL 2200-listed, IBC-certified and meet up to 181-mph wind rating. 

Advanced Corrosion Protection 

Power Armor is a textured automotive-grade finish that surpasses a 3500-hour salt spray exposure test 
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