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Flygt Bibo

Flygt Bibo

Submersible Pump For Dewatering

Tough pumps for dewatering

Flygt Bibo, the original submersible pump, is designedspecially for tough operating conditions.
The pumpsare ideal for applications in which the water or liquidcontains high amounts of clay, stone chips, drillingfines etc., or to pump heavy sediment from tanks,sumps and containers.
This series of large dewatering pumps is available inthree casing materials:-
- Light-weight aluminium forheavy construction work and mines
- Hard-wearing castiron for corrosive or saltwater applications
- Stainless steel for additional corrosion protection.
They are also available in explosion proof MSHApermissible versions. 
Flygt Bibo pumps can be fitted with a multi-vane,open or semi-open channel impeller.
The pump’simpeller and component parts also come in a range ofmaterials to suit the application.
All majorcomponents subjected to wear, are fitted with nitrilerubber, or polyurethane for extreme abrasionprotection.
With output power ranging from 1–140 hp, headsup to 700 ft and pumping capacities of up to4500 gpm the Flygt Bibo range of submersibledewatering pumps are designed for long service life,providing maximum efficiency.
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