Water & Waste water

We provide a comprehensive variety of solutions, backed by engineering and design expertise, which are widely recognized for their quality and reliability in water and wastewater applications.

Flygt Experior

Flygt Experior

It’s All About Reliability, Reliability. And Reliability.

Flygt Experior is built on the fact that the most efficient pumping is only achieved when premium efficiency motors are combined with superior hydraulics and cutting-edge intelligent controls.
It is this combination that gives unbeatable wastewater pumping.

First N-technology, now the revolutionary Adaptive N

The self-cleaning Flygt N-technology ensures efficient pumping regardless of the wastewater challenges and enables customers to save up to 25% on your electricity bills.
On top of this, the Adaptive N-hydraulics willhelp you achieve continuous, trouble-free pumping.

SmartRun that puts you in control

SmartRun is the intelligence integrated in a pump control unit that gives you the full benefits ofvariable speed pumping.
SmartRun, with its energy and cleaning functions, is pre-programmed to makeit simple and user-friendly for you – from installation through to operation.

Premium efficiency motors with longer lifetime

Flygt Premium efficiency motors are designed and manufactured by us, which makes them optimized for wastewater pumping applications.

Benefits of Flygt Experior

• Adaptive N-hydraulics further improves theclog-free, energy-saving pump performance
• N-technology is suited for speed regulation,as self-cleaning functionality operatesindependently of rotational speed
• SmartRun control is pre-programmed to meetspecific wastewater customer requirements
• Up to 4% higher motor efficiency than thenominal premium efficiency motor standard
• Single supplier to deliver the optimumpumping solution, This includes the pump,motor, and intelligent control
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