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From an initial focus on parts for industrial engines, our business has grown to cover a wide range of heavy machinery parts.

JCB Wheel Loaders

JCB Wheel Loaders

JCB Wheel Loader 


JCB Wheel Loader or Wheel loaders, it a four-wheel-drive earthmoving machines used primarily to load loose materials with a front-mounted bucket. A lift-arm assembly raises and lowers the bucket.

The performance oriented JCB wheel loader is all about tremendous manoeuvrability and a raft of efficiency benefits. As a result, each loading shovel we make is productive above all else.

Since a loading shovel is always in demand for many applications, we offer a variety of configurations, options, and attachments to tailor your front-end loader priorities, anywhere in the Middle-East.
To keep uptime maximised and machines productive, JCB Saudi Arabia network comprises showrooms, expertise, and parts backup. All of which adds up to a job well done!


JCB Wheel Loader Give You Power And Productivity. 

Geared to meet all the needs of our customers, JCB’s Wheel Loader archetypes uncanny strength and abilities.

Wheel Loader Models 

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