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We provide a comprehensive variety of solutions, backed by engineering and design expertise, which are widely recognized for their quality and reliability in water and wastewater applications.

Sanitaire Series Diffusers

For Energy-Efficient Biological Treatment 

Stricter environmental regulations and rising energy costs are forcing wastewater treatment plants to ensure wastewater discharge compliance and at the same time make operations more energy efficient.
One of the main areas for environmental and cost savings lies just below the surface of your biological tanks.
Aeration systems today represent an estimated 30 to 70 percent of the total energy costs at a typical wastewater treatment plant.
By making your plant’s biological treatment processes more efficient, you can realize big energy savings and lower your operating costs.
To optimize your process, we design, deliver, commission and, through control systems, support the operation and maintenance of your aeration system – from blowers to diffusers.
Sanitaire Series diffusers
Sanitaire Series membrane diffusers are the latest innovation in fine-bubble aeration technology.
Wherever high-density coverage and lowflux rates are required, these can be tightly packed across any given basin floor area to provide unsurpassed aeration efficiency.

Energy efficiency 

The unique diffuser geometry, and advanced micro-punched membrane enable high-density basin floor coverage and low air flux, which together provide high oxygen transfer using the lowest possible amount of energy.
The membrane is engineered for low head loss thereby reducing energy consumption further. 

High reliability 

Thick, highly pliable polyurethane membranes outlast others in accelerated aging tests.
Dependability is further enhanced by the watertight construction of the end fittings and sealing system, which withstand the stress of daily operation.
It has even proven to be adapted to air-on/air-off applications. 

Ease of installation 

Compactness makes these complete, pre-assembled diffusers easy to install. This translates into faster commissioning, smarter use of resources and, ultimately, higher productivity. 


Modular design facilitates installation as well as low-cost, no-hassle retrofits because all Sanitaire components are interchangeable to enable optimization of aeration system performance 
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