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Slurry Pumps

Slurry Pumps

Cost-Effective For High-Wear Applications 

Essential Part Of Day-To-Day Operations

Slurry removal is an essential part of day-to-day operations in a wide range of industries, such as mining, ore dressing, sand contracting, ash handling and steel milling.
The applications in these industries make heavy demands on slurry pumps, particularly in terms of costly wear and tear, repairs and maintenance.
In the 5000 series of pumps the wet end, indeed allwear parts, are made of hardened high-chrome castiron, which provides complete wear protection.
The high-chrome impeller, incorporates a swept-backdesign for sustained high efficiency and clog-freeperformance in the most severe applications.
The pumpsare ideal for applications in which the water or liquidcontains high amounts of clay, stone chips, drillingfines etc., or to pump heavy sediment from tanks,sumps and containers.
The drive unit can be easily detached from the wetend for fast access to wear parts.
In the 5500 series there is no need to replace the entire wet end becausethe split casing design enables the volute lining to beeasily accessed and replaced.
Flygt is the only manufacturer that offers its customersa total solution for slurry handling.
The pumps can besupplied with an agitator and/or a mixer to keep theinlet of the pump free from solids buildup and whilekeeping the entire sump clean.
Optional internalcooling allows pumping down to low levels, avoidingsediment build-up – we call it Clean Sump Technology.
Slurry pumps have capacities of up to 5,500 gpm andpump heads up to 330 ft.
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