KPS Technical Seminar for SEC Experienced Technicians

Knowledge Transfer & Training for SEC Experienced Technicians

Abunayyan Trading Corp. is one of the most trusted names in the power and water business, providing integrated solutions across the water, wastewater, power, heavy machinery and parts, and logistics sectors.

We take the role of developing our Customer’s skills and knowledge very seriously as we believe that our customers are our partners of success.

That’s why each year we update our training courses in line with the latest marketing trends, centered around our customer needs.

Customer’s Technical Training is our key to turning knowledge into power by providing high-quality training that will help our Customers maximize the efficiency of the selected equipment, minimize the costly mistakes that can jeopardize the related project, and sustain their business continuity. 
A one day session was conducted exploring requirements currently applicable to Kohler Power Systems solutions that includes a full range Industrial Diesel Generators, Automatic Transfer Switches, Switchgear in addition to Portables generators, Lighting towers and marine generators, also illustrating generator selection and applications that is designed to help in understanding the types, operation, maintenance and testing of on-site power generator systems.
The seminar covered the following points:-
  • Specific requirements and recommendations for installation, operation, and maintenance of generators.  
  • Backup systems and emergency plans that best suit different applications/facility.
  • International standard for generators rating 
  • Professional testing procedures of generators and the services we can offer. 
  • Paralleling systems “Synchronizing procedures and load sharing”
  • Generator selection guidelines and the related selection software with live case studies.
At  Abunayyan Trading Corp. We offer a variety of training solutions for Kohler power equipment’s including Generators, Transfer Switches, Switchgear, Controllers and Packaged Training. 
Our training courses are conducted by high-caliber instructors who are experts in installation, maintenance, and startups. 
We are confident that’s the number of participants will increase year by year, which assertsAbunayyan Trading’s objective to develop a special relationship with the public & Private sectors.
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