Mitsubishi Engine

Mitsubishi Diesel Engines engines deliver impressive performance throughout a wide HP range with exceptional power density.
World-class manufacturing capability and processes coupled with proven core engine designs assure reliability, quiet operation, and many hours of productive life.


  • Mitsubishi Engine, SEP475, 460HP, 1800 rpm
  • Mitsubishi Engine, SEP730, 730HP, 1800 rpm
  • Mitsubishi Engine, SEP570, 550HP, 1800 rpm
  • Mitsubishi Engine, SEP1000, 910HP, 1800 rpm

KOHLER Decision-Maker Controls 

With KOHLER Decision-Maker controls, we design custom packages, tailored to your needs—from basic controls to multiple generator paralleling.

Plus, Kohler makes each controller easy to operate with user-friendly displays and keypad functions. And if that weren’t enough, our complete line of Decision-Maker controllers features advanced network communications for remote monitoring as well as adjustable parameters to accommodate your specific application.


Tested and Approved
  • Our controls meet NFPA, UL and CE standards.
Integral Voltage Regulator
  • KOHLER controls deliver precise voltage regulation (.25%–.50%) to protect your sensitive equipment from poor power quality.
Seamless System Integration
  • Every controller works with our automatic transfer switches and switchgear for complete system integration.
Alternator Protection
  • This must-have technology protects the alternator from thermal overload.


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