Flygt Jet Aerators

Mechanical aeration systemsfrom Flygt provide an affordable alternative to our highly efficient diffused aeration systems.

Convenient lift-in, lift-out solutions,submersible Flygt jet aerators provide reliable, low-costoxygen transfer for small to medium-sized sludge tanks, retention tanks and bio-reactors.


Highly Efficient Diffused Aeration Systems

Quick, low-cost installation

Convenience doesn’t come easier than with Flygt jet aerators.

Simply lift and position these stand-alone aeration systems into any small to medium-sized tank without having to empty it, using the Flygt pump lift and chains.

Proven long-term reliability

Flygt jet aerators provide maximum uptime and minimal maintenance. Proven N-technology, a specially engineered Flygt ejector assembly and air suction pipe bend combine to provide high operational reliability.

Better working environment

Because the submersible Flygt jet aerator rests on the tank bottom, there’s significantly less spray and lower noise levels and vibrations. This greatly improves the working environment.

Operational flexibility

Compact Flygt jet aerators fit into any tank regardless of size or shape.

Choose the Flygt pump capacity, number of mechanical ejectors and materials that match your requirements.

Pumps can serve between one and three ejectors.

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