Flygt Mixers

Flygt mixers are used in a wide range of mixing duties such as solids suspension, liquid blending and destratification.


Solutions For Perfect Mixing Results

Submersible mixers have a compact design, which together with Flygt’s installation methods makes them easy to install both in new and existing tanks.

They can be found in operation at waste water treatment plants, on oil and gas drilling rigs and indrilling mud supply ships, in aqua and agriculture andin the steel and metal industry.

Unlike their dry-mounted counter parts, submersible mixers provide unlimited freedom of positioning and orientation.

By utilizing this freedom, the mixer jet isallowed to develop and create efficient mixing of theentire volume.

Flygt’s compact mixers are made of stainless steel and provide a cost-efficient alternative for most mixing applications.

The low speed, large diameter mixerswill gently mix large volumes with remarkably lowpower consumption.

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