Godwin Pumps

When there’s fluid to move and downtime isnot an option you want pumps you can trust.



Whether it’s a question of water, wastewater,or industrial fluids, Godwin pumps haveearned a world-wide reputation for reliability.


Automatic self-priming from dry

Godwin pumps prime and re-prime automatically from dry, In fact, they are so dependable, you can just turn them on and forget about them.

This leads to significantly reduced costs for manually priming and repeated re-priming.

Robust design for rough handling

Godwin pumps are made from the bottom up to with stand the wear andtear of rental.

That’s why the pump-endhas a close-coupled design and runs dry without damage, And that’s also why the castings are 4mm thicker compared to apermanently installed process pump.

Correct pump sizing

Reliable pumping is also a question of using the right size pump for the job, With the market’s widest range of surface-mounted pumps, we make sure that the right Godwin pump is supplied to every application.

This together with the local and international expertise of Total Care, ensure efficient pumping solutions.

GODWIN Pumps are used in the follwoing industrires :

– Municipal ” Sewer bypass, Digester cleaning and sludge removal, Emergency drainage offlood waters”

– Mining ” Open pit and underground drainage, Process water supply and transfer ”

– Industrial ” Wastewater bypass, Temporary fire pumps, Temporary raw water supply”

– Constructionand tunneling ” Site drainage, Stream diversions, Drill rig water supply ”

– Oil and gas ” Tank cleaning, Water supply for hydraulic fracturing, Product transfer, Pipeline pigging”

– Marine” Barge ballasting, Jetting “

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